Thursday, August 21, 2014

New Tutorial Posted and Malifaux goodness!

Not a lot of time to update the blog these days, but I have added a new step by step tutorial, which you can access here or by clicking on the links on the right side of this page. The tutorial covers the dirty tile bases that you'll see on the Malifaux models painted below.  

Although there hasn't been a lot of action here, the Facebook page is very much alive, and there are constant updates (sorry blog-lovers, Facebook is much easier to manage).  Please check out the facebook page and share with your friends.  

Since I am posting about the new step-by-step, I'm going to share and talk about my most recent models.  Slowly getting into Malifaux because I love their newest models and I started with the Neverborn and Pandora's crew, which provides lots of opportunity to paint and practice new techniques.  So far, which you'll see below, I've painted Pandora and Baby Cade from the "No Shelter Here" boxed set, along with Teddy, who I'm told works really well with her crew.  

First up is Pandora herself, who was a pleasure to paint.  I spent quite a bit of time on her skin and cloak, which both have great scupts to practice with and that lend themselves to great lighting.   I used similar techniques on this model that I used with my Dwarf slayer, though I tried to give her a lighter tone, with flushed cheeks simulating the make-up she would be wearing.  

I didn't put a lot of detail in her eyes, because the model really doesn't have that level of detail - she is more like a mannequin, but I did put some shadows near her eyes for a creepy look.  I've been learning and using more glazes and they were effective on many parts of this model, especially the cloak.  

Extremely happy with Baby Cade, who turned out really horrifyingly creepy.  His skin/tone required really, really subtle blending and transitions, and a bit of a filter of red and green.  I love the way he came out though.  Adding to that was his hair, which seems to be what people are drawn to.  This was achieved easily by using a watered down brown paint and painting LOTS of quick thin lines.  Thats it - really easy!  The eyes were done by watering down black and darkening the edges and using P3 thrall flesh on the pupils, with another subtle highlight done by adding a teensy bit of white to the thrall flesh.  

Many will recognize the whole "baby sitting in a pool of blood" thing from Dexter.  I actually watched the series for the first time right after I bought this boxed set.  As soon as I saw that scene... I knew what I had to do.  

And finally, Teddy.  Such a cool model, but I've not seen too many of these painted in a way that I like.  Although I like the overall style of the model, I'm not too impressed with the detail of the sculpt.  I didn't like how much I've seen people highlight the majority of the fur on the model.  People are using waaaay too much dry brushing and it doesn't look natural.  I used very subtle changes in the base by putting down zenithal highlights on the primer base with an airbrush and using thin coats of brown applied with the airbrush over that.  I then used very watered down layers of darker brown/black paint in the shadows. 

Lots of attention was put on the pink heart shape, because thats an important part of the model.  The teeth were achieved by starting with Rakarth Flesh, glazing with yellow and highlighting up to white.  Then, I used the Blood for the Blood God technical paint from Citadel to apply a natural looking bloody grin - keeping it off the edges of the teeth and concentrating on the base and the gums.  Nice!

Hope you like these - again.  Don't forget to check out the Facebook page and the newest Step-by-Step on the bases used for these models.  

Thanks for reading and Happy Painting!

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