Sunday, June 29, 2014

Wash Me!

Just an update from the week, and a sneak peek into the next few things.  

A few days ago I was able to put the finishing touches on my Rhino, which you know if you've been following the facebook page.  However, below I'll go into some detail on how I painted some of the parts.  

For the white and blue parts, I used the same technique as I did on the Tactical squad I painted, just on a larger scale (read those details here).  As some have pointed out, I didn't really mask off any areas and so there is a little bit of overspray (darn).  The vehicles I do in the future will be a little neater - to be honest, I thought I was going to screw it up and have to start over.  Either way, just as I mentioned with the tac squad, I think I want to brighten up the blue a little, so I'm going to try a little change in the next batch.  Hopefully it offers an improvement without changing it drastically.  

Weathering the model was pretty much the same as well.  I used Dryad Bark for the chipping on the white armor and ended up using P3 Rucksack tan for the tiny smidge of chipping on the blue parts.  Some have also suggested that more bare metal is needed to make the model look better... I might try some of that on the next model as well, but really don't think that it needs it.  I was trying to avoid metallics or just have a small bit of it on these models.  

Speaking of the metallics, the exhausts were pretty easy on this, I kept them in subassemblies and painted the metal parts with Vallejo metallic silver.  I had never used the Vallejo liquid metallics before now and found them a little tricky to use for the first go-around.  Apparently they dry very quickly - and to be honest, seem a little bit harsh on the brush.  This paint did produce a very nice shiny silver though; much more vibrant than the acrylic metallics I've used from any other range.  After the base coat, I washed them with two coats of agrax earthshade and then used the airbrush to "burn" the tips, with Vallejo Air Medium Camo Brown and Black. 

The tracks were glued to the tank after most of the painting was complete and then airbrushed in two coats of vallejo air paint.  The first was mud brown and the second was medium camo brown.  I made sure to overspray onto the sides of the tank to make it seem dirtier near the tracks and ground.  

The bolters... very simple.  Basecoated black > drybrush with leadbelcher > heavy wash of nuln oil.  Voila.  

Last touches included spraying some black paint over the side vents and doing the headlights, which was vallejo gold yellow > vallejo yellow > white.  

Not bad to paint and I was surprised at how quick this was.  It probably took less than 10 hours to paint to completion and I think it produced a very high quality for something I plan to use on the tabletop.  Good news also - the transfers actually cooperated.  

And now, with the first two pieces of the World Eaters complete, there is no time to waste!  I have quickly washed the next project, a rinse and repeat of 10 tactical marines and another rhino.  These will vary slightly as the marines do not have magnetized weapons, so I added some chainsaw bayonets to their bolters.  The Rhino will have a crewman sticking out of the top as well.  As you can see from the picture below, assembly is complete and now all to do is mount the marines on cork and start sprayin!

In other news... I'm very excited to see that Coolminiornot has launched the Zombicide Season 3 Kickstarter.  One of my favorite games that I never have time to play (or paint) will be a must for me to go all in.  I missed the early bird, but went ahead and pledged at the full level.  Check it out yourself by going here.

Thats it... Gonna probably be a slow couple of days as I will be working late and writing papers for school, but there stands to be a lot of opportunity for hobby progress going into the holiday weekend!  My goal is to get these models primed so I can paint on my days off.  Until then, please continue to follow small updates on facebook and Happy Painting!