Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Back to Business

Since finishing up (for the most part) the Imperial Knight, I've been kicking back a little and pacing myself for adepticon.  Having quite a few things to do before the event, I didn't want to burn myself out, so I did decide to shelve the Flower Knight diorama for now.  Maybe next year, Crystal Brush... Maybe next year.  

Participating in the Big Brawl Warhammer event, the first priority is finishing up the Ogre army and getting them battle ready and mounted into my tablewar case.  Since the Tablewar cases and add-ons are really made for Warhammer 40k, some modifications needed to be done.  Luckily, I found a local metal supplier that cut some galvanized zinc sheet to size to fit in the display shelves.  This way, the Ogres can be magnetized to the sheet.  My original plan was to use foamboard around the sheet where the Ogres will sit, but I don't think there is room, so I may have to just spray the metal sheet a dark brown or black to hide its shine... meh. 

Quite a bit of progress tonight - a bunch of little things.  First thing, I put on some finishing touches to the Knight that were suggested.  Mainly, putting on a matte coat (did that on Sunday) and putting some burn weathering on the exhausts.  Didn't take a pic of the top down view, but the dullcote layer really toned down the top transfer to make it look more painted on.  

Then, I quickly plugged up the airbrush and painted the bases I had prepped for the Maneater unit and some additional Ogres.  I also put a coat of Medium Camo Brown paint on the regiment trays.  I didn't put much effort into this, as the movement trays are gonna get beat up and don't fit onto the display case. I'll put a dullcote on them as well to try to prevent scratching from the magnets that will stick the ogres to the trays.  You can also see a small shot of progress with the three remaining maneaters. 

With the bases done (black borders excluded), I went ahead and mounted the finished Maneaters to their bases.  Looking nice!  Still working on the gnoblars for the ninja and araby maneaters. 

And heres a shot of the case so far, which shows off the whole army.  Almost done.  Only 9 days til Adepticon... can't wait!