Monday, March 3, 2014

The Next Step

I can't wait until football season.  Its been a bit over a month and Mondays are always the worst without football to help me unwind.  I painted some tonight, but to little avail - it seems like I paint faster with the madness of the NFL as background noise.  Tonight... Dexter.  I have a few shows to catch up on.  Maybe with football I only have to look up when someone scores... a show about a serial killer requires more voluntary distraction.  

Either way, the weekend passed without too much progress.  Late Friday night I checked my iPad for the newly released second issue of Warhammer: Visions.  I was looking forward to new pics of the beautiful Dwarf releases.  As I was flipping through the digital pages of the magazine, I came to a page that, had I been drinking coffee, I would have spat out a perfect cone of liquid mess.  

There he was.  The bloody leader of my past year's work.  The Butcher.  The one who earned me a Finalist Medal at Golden Demon.  Elated, I looked to the caption only to see that they had lost my name.  Check out the top left corner.  

I immediately sent the White Dwarf team some proof - along with my own blood :)   

I did make sure to pick up a paper copy (or two) of the magazine.  I also heard back from the White Dwarf team today, who claim I will get a bit in a future White Dwarf - sweet!  I hope this is a sign of things to come. 


Last year, I set out to become a better painter.  I wanted to start entering competitions with the ultimate goal of winning a Golden Demon.  I'm honest enough with myself to know that I'm not there yet, but I'm definitely closer than I've ever been.  Really, I never thought I'd be a finalist... or have one of my models show up in any magazine, let alone (White Dwarf).  

With the Ogre Army wrapping up, soon it will be time to elevate to a new standard.  We are a month away from Adepticon and the Crystal Brush.  I hope to complete my diorama before then - I want it to be perfect. We'll see if I can take some concepts I've learned and apply them.  I'm also planning on putting a lot of effort into the local Imperial Knight painting competition.  With the Ogres done, I'll be able to loosen the pressure and practice on getting better.  There are some ideas I have and hope to share them with anyone who actually reads this stuff.  It feels good to have come this far in short time (well, since deciding to step up the standard anyway).  

A small bit of progress the last couple of nights.  Work and school sucks...  More to come.  Thanks for reading!