Sunday, June 30, 2013

Progress has been slow this weekend, but the good news is that there is a holiday weekend coming up, making my work week short.  

Truth be told, I'm really tired of painting IG.  So I did get a little bit of stuff done tonight - a VERY little bit.  I've been working with weathering powders for quite some time now, but I've been wanting to try some different techniques with them.  I completed these Ogre Kingdoms Ironblasters a while ago, but I was waiting on figuring out how I was going to base the army before I put the 100% stamp on them.  Because I'm going with a rocky barren type base, I wanted to make the wheels of the warmachines look dusty.  So I applied some powders and isopropyl alcohol tonight and will come back after they've had time to dry and see if I like the results.  

Here are the Ironblasters on their bases.  

The two test wheels. I've used more on one than the other to see what I like more.  Afterwards, I'll glue them to the model and pin the models to the bases.  

Really great models, but a real pain to paint.  I painted them both at the same time, and you really don't realize how many little details they have until you get going.  I'm very happy with them - wish the gnoblar drivers turned out better, but meh.  I'm going to try to work on a scheme I like for Gnoblar skin - I want them to be gray-ish.  

In other news, the nice folks over at Hyacinth games sent me these lovely miniatures for their post-apoc skirmish game, Wreck-Age, to paint and demo for the folks here in the Louisville area.  I love the post-apoc setting and have had my eyes on this game for a while.  Can't wait to paint these up - Gonna put them on the Chopping Block soon!