Sunday, August 11, 2013

Had an active day.  Planned on getting some work out of the way and then doing some painting.  However, my day was sidetracked by this....

Needless to say I had a buddy help me change the tire.  I was on the way to the local game shop to trade some miniatures, so I feel its ok to post on the blog :).  

Special thanks to my girlfriend though - she kept encouraging me to paint though the tire incident kept me out of the mood.  Worked some more on the mournfang cavalry riders.  Got them pretty far - a couple more washes on the armor and then some detail work will finish them out and then I'll switch to the cats.  

I did try some serious freehand work for the first time and i'm happy with it.  Painted an eye on the shoulder guard on the unit champion.  Wanted it to look like a "creepy wild eye."  I think I pulled it off.  Probably needs a gloss coat to make it pop, but I'll take it.