Friday, August 9, 2013

Not much progress this week.  Spent a lot of time at work and plan to spend a lot more time there over the next couple of weeks.  However, I forced myself to get some progress done on the Mournfang Cavalry.  

While I was painting the faces on the first couple mounts (see previous post), I noticed that I was rubbing some of the airbrushed fur off of the miniature.  I'm going to highlight the strands with a brush so it doesn't matter much anyway, but I'm also nervous about the horns getting scratched up, so I wanted something to mount the mournfang on. 

So, as you'll see below, I started on their bases.  Glued the main cork pieces on tonight and figure I'll cover the rest with sand/rocks tomorrow or Sunday.  

With that in the way, I started working on the riders.  Didn't realize how much more armor was on them than the regular ironguts.  So I got some base colors down and most importantly, the base metal.  Next, make sure all base colors are down and start the wash work on the metal armor.  

Trying to figure out any other cool details to try.  There is a round spot on one of the shoulder pads that I'm debating on doing some freehand.  (Note: I don't do freehand).  But, with my persistence on raising the skill level, I'm going to have to try it sometime.  

Also, I still need to prime the standard bearer's banner arm.  I'm also continuing to deliberate on how I'm going to detail the banner.  Glad to have progress, but much more to go.