Sunday, August 18, 2013

Not much done since the last post, though that one was a big one.  Finished up some work last week before getting some things done outside of the hobby world.  My brother and I took a short trip up to Indy for our first GenCon.  I was impressed.  I think if I go next year I will spend two days and stay overnight.  Also need to do some studying to see if there are any events that I would like to participate in.  All in all though - I enjoyed it.  

Got some loot - picked up a copy of Super Dungeon Explore with the special miniature (been wanting to try painting these minies for a while), an Angron Horus Heresy miniature from Forgeworld and a Beholder D&D miniature (Eye Tyrant).  Hopefully I'll have some time to paint these things and post them here someday!  ha.  

As I said earlier, had to have my carpet cleaned the other day so I was forced to break down my painting area for a while, which impeded progress.  Set back up today and went to work on some of the grueling parts of the Mournfang Cav.  Mounted them (with temporary pins) on their bases so I could paint them without my grubby hands stripping them of all their paint.  

More will be done this week... Emperor's will be done or err... by the Great Maw...