Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ogres, Drifters, Zombies, oh my! Updates Galore!

Its been far too long since I've been able to update this blog... and I'm sorry.  Good thing there's only like one or two people that see it. :)

Although I haven't updated, there has been plenty of progress.

I was a bit derailed... having started playing Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, the reboot MMO from a couple of years ago.  It is a wonderful game and I've spend quite a few distracting hours adventuring with my friends.  Haven't given up on FFXIV either, but it did delay some of my painting projects, but also provided me with a couple weeks of time off - to motivate me.  

Ogre Kingdoms project is very much underway.  Since the last post I have finished off the Mournfang Cavalry.  Not too happy with the results, but they are tabletop worthy, imho.  I may go back and do some spot touchups - also considering doing some more in the future to replace these.  I really think painting 4 at once hurt my progress and actually this is the biggest hang up I've had during this 2+ month hiatus from the blog.  Once I got back to them, I started rolling.  

The mounts themselves are what disappointed me the most.  I just couldn't really figure out a scheme that worked well.  The box art mournfang look so good... but have that animated feel to them.  I couldn't really pull it off, but i want to try again.  It might be that the airbrush work I did kind of clipped my wings.  Anyway, I got them to tabletop and moved on.  I am very happy with the way the banner turned out... see the pics below:

Shortly after finishing the Mournfang, I spent some time cleaning up my first Ogre Bulls.  I had started out painting Ironguts for the army and thought they were a blast, but I was pleasantly surprised that these weren't boring and actually a breeze to paint up.  

Also happy with their standard bearer - The Skull was painted entirely with the airbrush (save the straps/accessories hanging).  Wasn't too hard.  Some of these details are better done with light to dark technique.  

Spent some extra time on the champion, adding some chains to the improvised trap weapon.  Painted his beard a little lighter to make him look grizzled as compared to most of the other Ogres.  

Aside from the Ogres, I was finally able to spend some time on Wreck Age.  If you haven't checked out the game yet, please head over to their website.  Its really cool - I'm looking forward to spending some more time with it.  I love the post-apoc setting and miss the skirmish games from back in the day (Necromunda, anyone?)  Painted up this drifter below.  I don't have a lot of experience and practice with NMM, but thought it would look really good with this model.  Also hadn't painted a metal model in a while, so it was an adjustment (how I love plastic/resin)

And finally, I did receive my shipment from the Kickstarter of Zombicide Season 2.  Can't tell you how excitted I was before opening up the goods and the excitement was met by an even higher level of gratification once some friends and I cracked open Prison Outbreak and played through most of a mission.  The game seems to have gained some steam and the extra options and characters add a lot of flavor to what was already a highly enjoyable experience. Rose (The Zombicide equivalent of Angela Lansbury is a bleepin monster)

Unfortunately, after I painted Dave the Geek for the game earlier in the year, I didn't really go back.  Now, faced with an overwhelming number of Zombicide Miniatures, I decided to paint what was next on the block for this game - Wanda.  I will say that the new models seem to have more detail and thank God - Wanda was a little bit of a pain with the lack of definition.  Either way, happy with the results.  She pops on the board.  Sad that she and the other original survivors will likely be outshined by the new characters.  

For you fans, it looks like you can run a campaign of sorts with the new rules.... sweet.

Finishing up four sabretusks for the ogres now and then plan to jump to a couple of Ogre Characters and the Maneater unit...  I may have some more work for Wreck Age models as well, so I'll continue to post and update.  Thanks for reading!