Monday, February 24, 2014

Beauty is only skin deep

I can really tell I'm getting tired of painting Ogres... I used to find airbrushing their skin kind of fun... now I just rush to get it over with... no matter.  Got some progress on the Maneaters by getting their skin done.  Its not much, but a little bit each day will end in big results at the end of the week.  

These are going to be a blast - I'm especially looking forward to the Pirate and Female - she is so gross.  

Since I am going to participate in the Imperial Knight painting challenge at the local GW store, I've been thinking all day about how I want to paint them.  My Imperial Guard are red... so that was a natural pick, but the fluff behind the Knights allows for a variety of different colors and I'd like to try something different.  Blue... Yellow... Gray... I dunno.  Might end up doing red and sticking some Mechanicus transfers on them, since my IG are supposed to be tied to Mars and the Mechanicus.  Can't wait to see those models!

Gonna brush up on some vehicle techniques before I hit the sack.  Happy Painting!