Monday, February 10, 2014

Grudge Re-match coming soon...

Mondays suck.  But this Monday I'm excited to think a bit ahead past some of my current projects and go back to my Dwarf army.  I called it stupid, but the new GW White Dwarf/Release schedule is sparking my interest - I've been waiting a long time for some really nice Dwarf miniatures and they have (and will continue through this month) delivered a nice array of high quality models for this aging range.  

I have a huge Dwarf collection and immediately added the new releases to my army this weekend.  Brushing aside the clutter on my painting table, I made a space to assemble the new characters and a unit of Longbeards and (ho ho!) are they pretty!

 It will likely be a few weeks before I get to throw some color down on them, but I love them.  I bought two boxes of the Hammerers/Longbeards and plan to go ahead and assemble the remaining box as Hammerers to see what they are about.  The investment won't be so bad - I had converted about 30 regular Dwarf Warriors to be Hammerers back in the day - so now I have a bunch of extra warriors with great weapons.  Good thing I never got around to painting them.  

I've been wanting to paint Slayers for quite some time, so I might have to break out the old metal ones that I have and practice (really disappointed that there are no plastics coming soon).  Either way - its always fun when your army gets the makeover treatment!

Earlier in the week I put most of the basecoats down on the Maneaters.  Oh how I loathe the poor quality of finecast.  But I think I can salvage them - with basecoats down, I did start some work on the Ninja! 
Hoping to get some more paint down tonight on the Maneaters... I really need to finish them.  I started making my army list for Adepticon (playing in the Big Brawl).  Once these Maneaters are finished, I will have successfully painted 3000 points of Ogres for this tournament.  Pretty flippin sweet!  I look forward to working on some new projects.  Thanks for reading.  I'll post an update this week on the Maneaters!