Monday, February 3, 2014

Ok... so its been a while...

Ok ok... since I started this blog I had committed not to be one of those guys... you know - the type of guy that never adds new content... whoops.  I've actually gotten a lot done since the last post, but work has been busy, I started school once again, and I'm kind of lazy :)  Either way, apologies for the delays... To make up for it, I'm going to share a lot of pictures, some updates about my hobby direction, and make some (late) New Year's Resolutions... for painting... I've already failed my get in shape one.  

So, in the last update (way back on Black Friday) I discussed starting a new 40k army project and showed you all the master sculpts I was preparing to paint for Wreck Age.  I'll start with the Wreck Age models.  It took me a few weeks to finish those as the holidays kept me busy.  Unfortunately, I was so bent on getting those done, I didn't take a lot of high quality pictures.  But, I'll share what I have.  Sorry for the poor quality (pictures :P). 


And the final result, on the box.  Thanks to the Matt and Anton at Hyacinth games - I enjoyed the opportunity to do something I've never done.  Its a really cool feeling to paint something that people will see when they buy the miniature, that they will try to emulate on their own models.  I'm not a commission painter but this project was very enjoyable and I hope to do something similar in the future.  Again, if you haven't done so already - check out Wreck Age.  Its a great game (pick up the newly released rulebook and of course - the reclaimers!) and I can't wait to have the time to play some games - looking forward to at least spectating their demos and tournament at Adepticon.

As far as the 40k army.  I actually did decide on Tyranids until that Codex dropped.  Maybe some of the future books and flow of the game will make them enjoyable but I just don't see it.  I'm still going to paint some models, including the Trygon I bought, but I'm going to wait on expanding my 40k forces and work on some other projects.  I already have a sizable Dwarf army and the new miniatures are beautiful.  Additionally, I have a huge Imperial Guard army and they are slated for next month.

SO... I have continued to work on the Ogres.  I'm noticing that in addition to my delay in posting, I really haven't done any Ogre updates in quite a while.  I completed my BSB, my Hunter/Beast Wizard, my Thundertusk, 4 Leadbelchers, and a Firebelly (still need to go back on the Firebelly and enhance some of the detail, but I'm trying to figure out the best way to do that).  Here are a couple pictures of the Leadbelchers and Firebelly, along with a progress shot of the whole army - you can see the Beast Wizard and the BSB in the pic, but I haven't taken a decent picture of any of these miniatures yet (don't fret - I recently joined in on a sweet lightbox kickstarter called Foldio - so I hope to soon start taking some nice pics).  

Phew... that Ogre collection is getting quite large.  I have made some time to play recently - which is great because I had been waiting and waiting until I had the army finished.  Its now fully playable with over 2400 points and really is officially my first completely painted army (in 20 years of gaming).  

So, I told you this was going be a long post :).  In other news, I took a drive down to Spruehammer Games this past weekend, played some 40k and did a small airbrushing demo for some friends.  After I came back, I reorganized my hobby storage closet so my nerd OCD wouldn't impede my hobby progress.  I set up the Ogres above and also my IG.  Plus I dedicated an entire shelf to my WIPs - see the picture below and you'll get some hints on some things I'm hoping to work on soon - Crystal Brush and Golden Demon will be here before you know it!

Back to the Ogres for a second before I wrap this up - I started one half of my Maneaters unit tonight.  I figured doing all 6 of the unique sculpts would burn me out with all of the variation, so I'll paint these up and then get to work on the last three.  The Maneaters are the last unit in my army that I will need to paint up before the Big Brawl tournament at Adepticon.  Then I'll have to start working on a display board and my Tablewar case (which is going to be a bear).  Got the airbrushing done on the skin tonight:


I think I said something about New Year's resolutions.  So the first I'll commit to is updating this blog on at least a weekly basis.  I'd also like to add some more tutorials - I don't think I'm ready for video yet (I'm superbad with a camera).  I made a commitment last year to improve my painting skills and I did - but if I'm going to seriously consider painting to win some competitions, I'm going to need to continue to add to my skills.  I hope to do this with the community and get feedback - I have quite a few really cool projects planned for this year, so lets hope I get the time and motivation to finish them.  Thanks for reading!