Sunday, April 13, 2014

Got some rushed progress in over the last couple of days.  Not much, but its something.  At the moment, I'm still just prepping projects for painting, so its not that exciting.  What you won't see below are pictures of the Wreck Age Capybara and Herder - I flocked their bases, so they are ready for primer.  

Between yesterday and today, I've gotten most of the Vulture assembled.  As my plans are to make the Vulture more of a display piece, with a very nice scenic base, the normal GW flight stand wouldn't do.  Months ago, I prepped some bits for the base and purchased a bicycle spoke to use as a flight stand.  With the Vulture's fuselage being a pretty heavy, solid block of resin, the base needs to be reinforced.  I followed some tips from the Buypainted guy (check out his Youtube channel).  

The bicycle spoke will fit into a hole drilled pretty deep into the fuselage.  However, still not enough - the ruined building will also have a hole drilled into the very corner, where the spoke will sit and be fastened with super glue.  I bent the piece of the spoke that will go under the base to make a sort of stand on its own.  Then, using two part epoxy resin mix, I turned the base over and filled the bottom (spoke in) to the top.  I will let this cure over the next couple of days at which point the whole base will be a solid block of resin... in theory.  Hopefully this will allow me to pose the Vulture at a swooping angle without much wobbling.  Here are some shots:

I was also able to put a coat of airbrush primer down on Cthulu.  Still trying to figure out how I want to paint him.  I think I am going to go with the traditional shades of green.  You can see in the pic below that the bubbles from the resin have settled.  Kinda cool.  

In addition to a new Taurox model (not pictured), I picked up a mini Malifaux 2.0 rulebook.  This game is pretty fantastic and the miniatures have a style that is different than most other games.  Still trying to finalize my decision on a faction, but thinking the neverborn (dreamers and such) are the best match for what I want to work on.  

Still planning on doing the Foldio review, but haven't had much time to play with taking pictures with it.  Got a paper to write for school by Wednesday, so my next couple of days' progress will largely depend on the progress of my homework.  Thanks for reading.