Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Call of Cthulu, the Circling of the Vulture, and the... vicious, diseased bite of the Capybara?

I've been chomping at the bit to spend some of my time on the hobby since returning from Adepticon, but being away from home for nearly a week has it's drawbacks - most notably, catching up on lost time while I was visiting the holy land of the hobby.  

Regardless, I was able to spend the last few hours of the evening working on several projects that are waiting for the touch of paint.  Usually, I'm not a fan of cleaning up and assembling miniatures (at least i don't have the passion for it as I do painting), but its a necessary step in the process of producing the desired outcome.  

Having put Cthulu through the dish soap wash and brushed him clean, it was time to examine the parts and decide how to assemble/paint.  It's a huge model and since I will be using the airbrush to paint the majority of the model, its important to be able to paint him in sub-assemblies, while reducing the possibilities of noticible gaps.  The model is pretty well sculpted to reduce the gaps, so I decided only to attach the tail and body and leave the arms, base, head and wings seperate, as the folds in his skin will hide the gaps between these in the final assembly.  The joining of the tail and body left a pretty sizable gap, so I used my newly learned greenstuff skills (sarcasm) to fill in.  

The trip and purchases that I made at Adepticon reminded me of last year's trip and the models that I had brought home that still haven't had much progress.  One of which was the Forge World Imperial Vulture Gunship.  I spent some time a few months ago working on a base for the flyer, but set it aside to work on more pressing projects.  I plan on using the urban scenic base to have the Vulture swooping and firing it's punisher cannons (still trying to decide how to depict that) with a flurry of spent shell casings underneath.  I'm wanting the Vulture to be competition level, so I'll hopefully have some time to devote.  I was delighted with how well the model is fitting together.  As you'll see below, its pretty workable and I've not glued the wing bits.  So much cooler than the Valkyrie/Vendetta!

The basing bits I threw together months ago.

Death from the skies!

And finally, I cleaned up and prepped some Wreck Age miniatures, which are ready to start basing.  These models are part of the Capybara herder kit... Looking forward to getting some paint down on these models. The Reclaimers were a blast to paint.  

I'm hoping I'll get some decent time to spend on these projects this weekend, but we'll see what happens.  I'll also be reviewing a product that I received last week from a recent kickstarter that I backed.  Its called Foldio and its a small, portable, folding light box for smartphone photos.  It comes with several sweep colors and LED lightbars.  As I learned how to make a lightbox and use my SLR camera at Adepticon, I'll also be posting progress on my own lightbox and photo setup and comparing the results between the two.  Here is a preview shot of the Foldio.  

Thanks for reading and Happy Painting!