Monday, July 22, 2013

Almost ready for Games Day!

So much progress...  I had people over on Saturday for an all day painting event.  I had started my SM/Butcher the night before and gotten the airbrushing on his skin finished.  Much to my surprise, I got the main model finshed on Saturday, then spent some of Sunday evening finishing the Gnoblar and Base.  Easy peasy.  

Here are some pics of the finished model:

Very happy with the finished model.  Again, hope to get lucky at Golden Demon.  All I have left is the display bases for the SM/Butcher and the Ironguts.  The base for the SM/Butcher is a 50mm resin display from Secret Weapon that I will paint black and put down a satin varnish.  

The display base for the Ironguts is a prime Hobby Lobby wood base (lol) that I stained and clear coated.  Tonight I textured the top and primed white for airbrushing.  Also magnetized the bottom of the ironguts to prevent fall damage :).  

Here are some better pics of the completed Ironguts and also my Ironblasters I finished back in March.  Thanks!