Friday, July 19, 2013

Down to the Stretch

Been working, working, working.  Gotta get these miniatures done before Games Day.  Been having lots of progress and paint on models despite a busy work week.  So much that I haven't updated this page simply because it would have impeded the progress. 

Here are some pics.  The ogre ironguts unit is essentially finished.  I will spend the next few days staring at them and fixing any small things that need touch-ups before I put a dullcote on them.  

I'm working on a small wooden display base for them.  I haven't stained anything since I was probably 6 years old working in my dad's garage... but hey, its like riding a bicycle.  

I also started work on my Slaughtermaster.  

Having recieved my new airbrush last week, I decided to try it out.  It is a Harder and Steenbeck evolution silverline.  It works like a charm but you have to thin the paints much more than in the Iwata Eclipse.  

More to come - I'm having people over tomorrow for an all-day painting session.  Enjoy the pics.