Monday, July 15, 2013

No update in a while, but plenty of progress!

Should be done with this unit tomorrow night.  They are turning out much better than I expected.  Going to do some work and put them on a display base.  My plan was to throw in the Slaughtermaster at Games Day.  Might go ahead and enter these into the Warhammer Unit category... wth :)

Very happy with the standard bearer all the way around.  He is probably the best model in the unit.  Since the standard for the Ironguts really is based on the regular bull models, he gave me an appreciation on how they will look.  I look forward to painting a unit of them... They'll be faster to paint even since they have less detail and the airbrush really works the skin :)

Anyway.  Never really painted gems like this... wanted to get it perfect... Probably not perfect, but good enough for me.... I thought for a minute about doing some OSL on the area around the gems, but I didn't wanna screw it up.  

This is the progress at the end of tonight... one more night and I think I'll be finished... one more night.  Then I'll think about a display base.  But for me, its time for bed.  :)