Thursday, July 11, 2013

Taking longer than I expected, but turning out great.  I still have quite a bit to do and, unfortunately, a busy weekend ahead.  The metal is almost finished - will need to build up rust but I finished the 3rd coat of agrax earthshade tonight.  

Also finished the heads for the most part and attached them.  I probably should have waited, but I glued the gnoblar onto the unit champion... had to see how it would look.  

Next I will construct the bases, texture them, and prime them for painting.  I will also prep the shields I've picked out for them.  Since the Ironguts box only comes with a limited variety, I "borrowed" some from a buddy.  I think they will go nicely.  

Here are some pics.

Off with their heads!

Uh... ON with their heads!

The Gutlord with his trusty gnoblar sidekick