Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Back from Memphis!

So, this past weekend I took a trip down to Memphis for Games Day North America.  This is my fourth Games Day, having gone in 2003, 2004, and 2012 to Chicago.  This is my first trip to Memphis however, and I was pleased.  

It also marks a first for me - entry into Golden Demon.  Went in with little hope, thinking I'd get lucky - maybe low number of entries or the fact that the year has been 40k heavy and my entries were fantasy.  There was plenty of competition!

So the first night, Games Workshop held a Bar-B-Q at the Memphis World of Battle, their North American HQ.  Me and the girlfriend went to another restaurant, which was delicious and so we didn't partake in the food, but I was blown away by the World of Battle and its displays.  Plus, they had a cool inflatable Space Marine outside!

Let me tell you that while my expectations were low, it was really cool to make first cut and see my miniatures in those glass Golden Demon displays.  Again, I've been to these events many times and usually I'm the one standing in awe, peering into the glass at the talent.  It was an accomplished moment for me to be on the other end, watching others look at my work.  

My Ironguts in the back left corner

The Slaughtermaster faced some fierce competition, but he looked damn cool in the case!

So, the time dragged on, as I was ignoring most of the other events and just nervously awaiting the end result of the Golden Demon.  I happened to go by to check on the judging and they had pulled three miniatures from the Warhammer Monster glass to take pictures - the one you see int he picture is my Slaughtermaster.  You can imagine at this point (and my girlfriend was laughing at my face) that I'm very excited.  I'm thinking they have selected their winners and took pictures to put up on the screen....  

Unfortunately, they took pictures of everything.  Haha.  My Ironguts barely fell out of the last cut - placed below the top three on the top shelf... But the Slaughtermaster made it into their little judges tent with some of the top monster finalists... but when the guy came out to put the winners in the top shelf, my miniature fell into the next rung.  

Disappointed, yes, but the talent on display was humbling for sure.  I did receive this nifty medal below for being a finalist - something that will motivate me to sharpen my skills for next year.  Went to a couple 40k GTs last year and did well - thought that was a rush - now I find myself a competitive painter - at least in my own eyes.  Good thing about painting, no jerks across the table - haha.  

So now I'm back in Louisville and busy at work - my real job that is.  However, at night, I'm prepping the next thing on the chopping block.  Very bored with the Imperial Guard and eager to play some Ogres, I've prepped the Mournfang Cavalry below.  Tomorrow night I'll finish cleaning them up and then prime - ready to start painting on Friday or Saturday (Saturday I'm having an all day group painting session).  Done for tonight - going to turn in and think about entries for next year!