Sunday, November 10, 2013

Can you hear the Thunder?

Sooooo... I promised that I was going to start working on the Thundertusk.  Aside from cleaning up the model and priming.  I started yesterday and finished the monster up today.

I think I mentioned this before, but credit to Dreadboi on the Ogre Stronghold forums.  I based the model on his tutorial in those forums.  He did a much better job keeping up with his progress than I did, so you can check his tutorial here.  Started with a black undercoat. 

Here is the base - got it done while I waited on the model to dry.  I now have it primed white and should get it started soon.

A couple of shots before the last bit of detail work was finished.  I'm particularly happy with his face - tried to duplicate the box art.

The finished model.

I'll start the riders this week.  Already have them primed and mounted on cork for painting.  Also have a empire soldier that will hang from one of the hooks - any suggestions for colors for the poor chap?