Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday: Looting and Reclaiming

Its Black Friday!!!  How many of you ventured out of the house into the Zombie Shopping Apocalypse?  Me, not so much into that these days.  However, the local game shop had a Black Friday sale that was not to be missed, so I did head on over there to check out the stock.  Although it was a bit more crowded than usual, I didn't have to avoid being trampled, camp out, or kill anyone (lol).   

I have been tossing around ideas for my next Warhammer 40k army.  With the Ogre project starting to see its finishing (at least the playable army), I want to get back into 40k.  However, wanting to avoid competitive play, I'm looking for an army that is:

a.) Relatively new or being Released soon
b.) Fun to play, with plenty of variation.
c.) fun to paint/model.

With the Tyranid and Ork releases on the horizon in 2014, those were my top choices.  Tyranids would field an army completely the opposite of my long-tenured Imperial Guard and Orks are an old love of mine.  What I didn't think about until browsing miniatures today, were the good ol' Chaos Daemons.  How could I have missed them?  I'll probably wait until the Tyranid Codex drops (next month I hear?) to decide, but in the meantime I picked up some miniatures for both to see what I like to paint.  Tyranids have a lot of cool painting options and are far more different than any other army, but the Daemons offer the diversity of color and out-of-this-world imagination.  To top it off, also picked up a copy of Triumph and Treachery.  5-player Warhammer sounded fun!


After I scored at the Black Friday sale, I went home and began working on a hodgepodge of projects.  Finished up the assembly for my Skullvane Manse, primed my Ogre BSB and Hunter/Beast Wizard, and began work on the Wreck Age Reclaimers below.  Have some ideas for color scheme and basing, so I'm going to try a few things out.  I did get them assembled and attached to their bases.  I will be updating these on a regular basis and talking about how I took each step.  The weather here is crazy, so I'll have to prime them tomorrow evening when we go above freezing.  I feel like I live in the desert...  Maybe that'll get me in the zone to paint some wasteland bases!

Testing out one of the special effects paint from Citadel.  This one is Agrellan Earth - GW's crackle medium.  To avoid any serious issues on the reclaimers (since I've never used the stuff) I've tested it on a regular Wreck Age Staker model.  

Spending the day tomorrow working on models... So I'll have another update at the end of the night.  Happy Black Friday!