Sunday, November 24, 2013

Quick Update - More to come

Hello!  Been working on quite a few things.  I finished my Thundertusk, but I had to drop it off at the local GW store for a competition that is coming up.  Once I get it back, I will post some good pictures of it.  Looking forward to going into the final stages in finishing up a playable Ogre Kingdoms army.  I signed up for Adepticon during pre-registration (lucky enough to get a VIG ticket) and will be participating in the Big Brawl (3000pt Warhammer Tournament) with my Ogres.  Guess I'll have to get them done one way or another.  Since the Thundertusk is done, next up will be will be the maneaters (which I've assembled and cleaned up, save some green stuff work on a couple) and my custom BSB I made from an Ogre Bull.  
Maneaters ready for paint!

However, before I get started on the next Ogres up, I will be working on a special project.  The picture below is of the new Wreck Age Reclaimers that I will be painting for Hyacinth games.  I'm hoping to spend quite a bit of time and effort on these as they are set to grace the box art!!  I will be providing regular updates on my progress with them on the blog.  Be sure to pick up your pre-order over on the Wreck Age site.

While I'm waiting to start on these guys, I decided to do some miniature assembly tonight while watching some football.  Back at Gencon, I picked up a copy of Super Dungeon Explore and I've been anxiously waiting to play.  Opening the box the other day, I realized that the assembly of the models will be a bit of work, so I wanted to get started.  I like the models and very much look forward to painting them, but I am disappointed with how difficult they are to clean up/remove mold lines.  The models are the new wave rubbery plastic... meh.  Hopefully I can find a better way to clean em up - I want them to look nice.  Anyway, got the heroes assembled from the boxed set and the dragon.  I will work on the baddies soon.  

Finally, I was cracking up at a phenomenon that repeats itself all too often for me as I paint models over and over.  My painting area always starts out very organized, neat, and well kept.  I can always tell how close I am to finishing a project though based on the messiness of my desk.  I'll close this post off with a funny before and after pic of my work area in the living room.  Thanks for reading!