Monday, November 11, 2013

Check out the New Tutorial Section!!!

Hello!  Rolling from my weekend progress on the Thundertusk, I started work on the base and the Ogre riders tonight.  Still a lot more to finish, but my goal for the night (albeit a late start) was to get the airbrushing portion.  You can see the progress below. 

I have to say, I did pick up the Deathworld Basing Kit from Games Workshop. I initially criticized these packs as very overpriced.  However, the bits included in the set are actually really cool.  Probably still not worth the price, but there are some interesting resin bits that are included.  Many of which I plan on using for a diorama in the future.  

Anyway, I used one small bit from the basing kit on the monster base, which you can see on the front, right side (just a skeleton).  I am painting the base to be consistent with the rest of the army - I also did go ahead and use the small base bit from the Thundertusk kit.  

I'd also like to announce and point out the new Tutorials section of the blog.  To your right, under the chopping block you will find the link list of Tutorials that I plan to start.  I've already made the first one - A step by step (with pictures!) on how to replicate the Ogre Skin that I use for the Ogre Kingdoms project.  I will also post a step-by-step for the base seen below once I am finished.  Enjoy.  And please feel free to offer suggestions on how to improve the tutorial - This is my first. Thanks!  More to come soon!