Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Litanies of Paint now on Facebook!

Hello.  The number of hits on Litanies of Paint is growing steadily and has grown since its birth about a year ago.  It started as something I wanted to do to keep myself on track and although theres still only a handful of people who come on here, I'd like to continue growing and pushing myself to offer more in the way of articles and how-to's and continue to grow as a painter. 

I've loved this hobby for nearly 20 years now and up until a couple of years ago my focus was on playing and collecting, but painting really has become what I enjoy most about this and its become my primary source of entertainment and enjoyment. 

So, to reach out to more hobbyists and connect with more bloggers out there, I've created a facebook page.  Please like us on facebook, feel free to post, ask questions, comment, or trash me however you would like on there, but spread the word.  Facebook will allow me to post more pictures and more easily share new posts and updates with those who follow with greater ease.  Again, thanks for reading.  The link is below or you can click on the image to go directly to the page as well.  Thank you and Happy painting!