Sunday, May 18, 2014

Quite a few updates, as its been a busy couple of days, but I was able to get some time in for everything this weekend.  Played some 40k Killteam on Friday afternoon, with my IG getting stomped out...  Either way, it's put finishing up some more of the guard on my mind, so I'll likely revisit painting some Krieg soon.  

I also played some Towerfall with some buddies on Saturday night.  If you haven't played Towerfall: Ascension, the video game, you should drop 15 bucks and get 3 or 4 over to play.  Its a simple 8-bit killfest that will give you hours of fun.  

Anyway, thats not why you are reading this, so I'll get around to my progress for today.  I was able to finish up painting on the Wreck Age Capybara herder.  Great model(s)!  Also trying to get better at photography... so bear with me.  I want to put up the gallery soon.

Evil Capybaras?

I was also happy to see that my Butcher made it into White Dwarf (having previously been uncredited in Warhammer: Visions).  Thanks to the White Dwarf team for making it up to me big.  Really honored at all of the attention this model has garnered.  It represented a big step forward for me.  

Some day I'd like to have a nice display case for my favorite models and hopefully some awards (still got some things to learn before that can happen).  In the meantime, I put up some miniatures on the shelf and some things I'm proud of. 

Finally, I'm hoping to work on my Malifaux crew here soon.  I had a small snafu when one of the sorrows fell off of my shelf during my spring cleaning and his arm was broken.  I did some repairs and also threw the new Teddy model together.  Some cleaning and prep and I'll break out the airbrush and get started.  These are going to be fun and I can't wait to play more of the game.  I'm also planning on taking some of the extra parts from the forge world models I ordered and practicing some techniques and color schemes for the world eaters.