Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Spring Cleaning

Work work work.  I decided, as I get ready to start a class and begin the summer bustle at work, that I needed to organize things in my apartment so that I could focus and feel more comfortable hobbying.  

I think I've mentioned managing my KanBan board to keep up and have some sort of order in my hobby progress.  Seeing how many miniatures I have sitting around made me appreciate that more.  Ugh.  

Its been a really long time since FoW has gotten attention

Most of that is New in box...  

Dining room madness

Sorry for the boring update, but I felt like I needed to post something and I thought I would share something I'm sure most hobbyists feel at some point.  

As far as actual progress - I did get to glue my Tac Squad torsos to their legs tonight and put them on cork bases so that I can prep for painting.  This will probably continue to be a slow week, but I'll post any updates that I have.  Until then, happy painting!