Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Secret Weapon's Bag O Crap!

Don't worry, I'm not talking trash about Secret Weapon's products.  Every once in a while, they sell their blemished items in a grab bag of sorts for cheap.  When they do, their self titled "Bag O Crap" contains all manner of bases, terrain, and other bits.  I missed out last time, but I decided to throw down on a bag (I picked up some extra skulls as well) and see what its all about.  

I had low expectations.  The picture shown online looked like a sandwich bag stuffed with bases.  The bag was bigger than a sandwich bag, and it was stuffed (and I mean stuffed) with loads of stuff.  When they say these are the pieces of product that have problems, there are small holes and bubbles in some of the base sides and bottoms, but overall, the quality is remarkable.  There aren't many problems that can't be easily fixed with some sort of plastic putty or filler.  In addition to various styles of bases, I found an APC turret (great for terrain or large bases), an objective marker, and a piece of their power generator terrain!  Awesome.  

As I mentioned in my last post, I've begun work on the Stitchers and Drifters for Wreck Age.  Tonight, I flocked their bases so I could put a coat of primer on them.  Looking forward to painting these models.  All of the models I've painted for this game so far have been a load of fun.

While I wait for the glue to dry on the Wreck Age models, I figured I'd put down a couple coats of paint on the sorrows and poltergeist for my Malifaux crew.  Pretty happy with the progress so far.  From here, I"m going to go back and work on their skin and details, then go back in with the airbrush to put the finishing pop on the green flames and some OSL.  

Thanks for reading.  Don't forget, I have a Facebook page for this blog now.  Please visit and hit like to get updates even more steadily than before.  I'm looking forward to a weekend of lots of painting coming up so please watch for updates soon.  Happy painting!