Monday, May 5, 2014

Rust in Peace

On track so far for progress this week.  I finished the three Ogres that had been sitting on my shelf for months.  In the process, I have taken pictures for a step-by-step tutorial on how I quickly paint rust on my ogres' metal parts.  Easy.  Hopefully, I'll have the pics edited and some time to write up the tutorial in the next couple of days.  Looking at these pics, there are a couple touch ups that are needed, but its getting late.  

Got to spend the day Saturday down at Spruehammer in Greenville, KY.  Actually played a couple games of 40k, ate some good food, and had fun with friends.  It's nice to know that I got the chance to play a couple complete games of 6th edition before 7th apparently drops later this month... What a waste.  Got to say, I do like the way the Astra Militarum codex works so far.  Loving the new orders.  

While I was down at Spruehammer, I fanboy'd out and bought the new Citadel clippers.  Now... I must say that they are hands down the BEST set of clippers I've ever owned.  You'll see in the pic below that they are MUCH thinner than the old GW clippers and this is a big help when you're trying to clip tiny pieces off of miniature sprues.  The edges are very fine as well and cut through plastic like a hot knife through butter.  I used them tonight on the new Bullgryn kit before I realized I was out of super glue... go figure.  They also feel just right in your hand.  Anyway, if you need some awesome clippers, don't hesitate to drop the cash on these... I think you'll be happy.  

Hope to have some more progress tomorrow evening.  I spent some time recently updating my KanBan board and felt a bit overwhelmed, especially with the Horus Heresy stuff on the way from Forge World.  Meh... gonna have to figure out where to find more hours in the day.  Thanks for reading and happy painting!